We are Mind Mozaic

Providing high-quality marketing services since 2018


Welcome to Mind Mozaic ( Qamringa pvt. ltd. ), where marketing isn't just a strategy; it's a canvas for creativity and a playground for innovation. Founded by the marketing maverick Shubham Shaurav, our agency is a concoction of strategic genius, digital dexterity, and just a pinch of caffeine-fueled brainstorming.

Our Not-So-Secret Formula

At Mind Mozaic, we don't just think outside the box; we've thrown the box a farewell party and sent it on its way. Our vision revolves around creating a tapestry of marketing strategies that are as unique as your brand's fingerprint. We mix equal parts of data-driven insights and imagination, giving birth to campaigns that are both effective and entertaining – because who said marketing can't be fun?

Why We Stand Out (Not Just Because We're Taller)

Shubham Shaurav's Marketing Skills

Remember that guy in college who could sell ice to Eskimos? Well, that's Shubham Shaurav. With a master's degree in Business (also known as an MBA) and a career packed with more marketing wins than we can count, he's the guiding force behind Mind Mozaic's marketing magic.

Experience that Packs a Punch

We didn't just sip coffee and theorize marketing strategies in a dimly lit room (well, maybe a little). we are spent years rolling up our sleeves and diving into the marketing trenches, collaborating with businesses from all corners of the world. From startups to enterprises, we've been the secret ingredient in their growth recipes.

Innovation: The 'I' in Mind Mozaic

We're not just early adopters; we're the folks who camp outside the store the night before the new marketing tech drops. Our team's obsession with staying ahead of trends means your brand will always be riding the wave of the latest and greatest.

Results, Baby, Results

At Mind Mozaic, we're not interested in participation trophies. We're all about the gold, the growth, and the glory. Our track record boasts success stories that even Cinderella would envy – businesses going from ordinary to extraordinary with growth rates that make accountants do a double-take.

Collaboration in Our DNA

We're not just a marketing agency; we're your brand's newest BFF. We believe that great ideas are born when we combine our expertise with your industry insights. Your dreams, our skills – it's a match made in marketing heaven.

Our Promise (No Pinky Swearing Required)

When you jump into the Mind Mozaic realm, you're not just signing up for a service; you're entering a realm of possibilities. We promise you innovation served with a side of humor, creativity sprinkled with a dash of analytical prowess, and marketing solutions that are as fresh as a mint mojito on a summer day.

Let's Write Your Success Story

Whether your brand is taking its first steps or gearing up for a victory lap, we're here to make the journey unforgettable. Let's turn your marketing woes into "Whoa, that's awesome!" Contact us today, and let's paint the town Mind Mozaic.